Contact Center Manager Server Programming APIs

Latest Release: 7.1.2 (September 2021)


The Avaya Aura Contact Center and Avaya Contact Center Select Manager Servers (CCMS) support a range of programming APIs, in addition to a number of SOA web services known as CCMS Open Interfaces . This topic describes the three programming APIs, namely Real-time Data (RTD) API, Real-time Statistic Multicast (RSM) API and Host Data Exchange (HDX) API.

Important Note The SDKs must not be installed on the Contact Center Management Server, as they may cause the server configuration to become irretrievably corrupted.

Real-Time Data API

The RTD API enables software developers to obtain real-time statistics from CCMS for status reporting applications such as readerboard displays and agent desktop applications.

During normal operation, CCMS generates a variety of real-time statistics. The Real-time Data API provides these statistics to applications using a Win32 C programming interface. The Basic Status Reporting package contains data from the following tables:

  • Application statistics
  • Skillset statistics
  • Agent statistics
  • Nodal statistics
  • IVR statistics
  • Route statistics

Real-Time Statistic Multicast API

The Real-Time Statistic Multicast (RSM) interface uses IP multicast technology to provide basic call center status reporting capability to third-party application developers. It provides a data interface between third-party applications and the component in CCMS responsible for collecting and maintaining real-time display statistics. The third-party application can obtain real-time statistics from CCMS for use in basic call center status reporting applications, such as reader-boards and agent desktop applications.

The RSM interface is based on the Real-time Data Application Programming Interface (RTD API). The RTD API is used to create Windows-based applications that manipulate and display real-time statistics from CCMS. However, the RTD API only supports third-party applications on Microsoft Windows operating systems. For non-Windows operating systems, only RSM provides access to the statistical data.

In addition to the IP multicast data stream, the RSM interface provides a CORBA-defined interface for controlling the RSM data stream on the server and performing bidirectional data translations from ID to name. The CORBA implementation on the server is fully CORBA 2.0 compliant.

IMPORTANT Avaya Aura Contact Center Release 6.0 introduced an optional Multiplicity feature. Learn more about the impact of Multiplicity on RSM SDK users.

Host Data Exchange API

The HDX API allows the exchange of data between Contact Center Manager Server and a third-party host application. Using this feature, third-party applications can implement additional contact center services.

The Contact Center Manager Server data exchange server, the HDX server, uses specific communication services to connect and exchange messages with a third-party application. Under the Host Data Exchange API functions, a communications layer establishes and maintains the communications connection with the Host Data Exchange server.

The Host Data Exchange is also applicable to multimedia contacts created in a multimedia Contact Center Manager Server. The interaction requires the licensing of the Open Queue feature. The scripting commands for HDX are fully applicable for multimedia contacts.

The Contact Center Manager Server data exchange server provides support for Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA). CORBA offers programming language,network, and platform independence. Client provider applications can use the language of choice (such as C++, Java, or Ada) and the platform of choice (such as UNIX, MVS, Windows NT, or Windows 2000/2003) to implement the solution.