FAQ: DevConnect Support

Frequently Asked Questions

General Support Options and Services

DevConnect provides both technical and non-technical support services for members of our program. Non-technical support services center around program membership and general aspects of our DevConnect Portal, such as locating application notes or specific content.

Technical support centers on the use of Avaya product API's and Software Development Kits (SDKs), as well as specific support options for use of remote labs or procured systems/software offered through the DevConnect Program.

These support options are available to all our registered and enhanced level members, although the scope of technical support will vary between registered level and enhanced level members in terms of both the tiers of support services as well as the Avaya platforms against which Technical support is provided.

DevConnect provides four (4) tiers of technical support. Tier 1 and 2 support covers basic informational questions and API/Documentation issues. Tier 3 and 4 support offers more in-depth investigation, including trace capture, log-file analysis, or investigation with Avaya R&D. Access to Tier 3 & 4 technical support services requires an upgraded membership, at either the Support-enabled, Test-enabled, or Technology Partner level, as well as the availability of Support Hours associated to the company membership for the current calendar year.

Remote Lab Support covers questions and issues relating to the use of both free- and for-pay DevConnect Remote Labs, including VPN/Connectivity issues. Procured System Support provides installation and configuration assistance, as well as issues related to quoting and invoicing, for those systems, software and development tools made available through DevConnect Procurement benefits.

DevConnect Technical Support is intended to cover development phase activities only, and does not include triage or troubleshooting of any operational systems whatsoever. Avaya customers experiencing operational issues for deployed solutions should contact Avaya Client Services or their authorized Avaya Connect channel partner for assistance.

Once logged in to the DevConnect Portal, use the Member Options found in the DevConnect Support mega-menu to select from and submit the appropriate type of support request you wish to make.

You can use the Manage Your DevConnect Support Tickets link to view and update existing tickets, or access all tickets associated to your company membership through the Account Dashboard.

For the most effective response and outcome, please include the following information in your technical support request.

  • The Avaya product name, product release number, and SDK version, as well as your own software version, if applicable.
  • A summary of the issue from the perspective of the user or the business.
  • A summary of the issue from the perspective of the developer, including:
    • What are you trying to achieve?
    • What is working?
    • What has been done to isolate the problem?
  • If you are facing errors or exceptions, tell us:
    • What is the application state?
    • What operations are being executed?
    • What results are expected?
    • What results are seen?
  • Log files from the Avaya product(s) covering API sessions where instances of the issue have occurred, and logs of instances where the operations are working (if available).
  • References to users, extensions, timestamps and any other key identifiers (e.g., CallIDs, Session IDs, etc.) that will assist DevConnect engineers in analyzing the issue shown in the logs.

We also suggest reviewing any DevConnect forums or product FAQs for similar issues or guidance relative to your ticket topic.

The goal of the DevConnect program is to have an engineer review the question for completeness (problem identified and understood, with all relevant product, release and error information available) within one (1) business day, and for a first response within three (3) business days. You will receive an automated confirmation email as soon as your request is submitted.

You will then receive additional notifications as your support ticket is assigned to a Developer Support engineer or other DevConnect team member, as well as whenever the ticket is updated.

Once we believe we have an answer to your inquiry, the status of the support requent will be moved to Customer Pending, which indicates that we are now awaiting your review and feedback or closure on this request. Under certain circumstances, we may provide a response and set the status to Close Pending if we believe this will completely address your inquiry. You may choose then to respond, re-open, or simply do nothing with the ticket; if we do not have a response from you within 2 weeks, we will either remind you about the request, or move to formally close it.

You may, of course, continue to update your own tickets by adding comments to the ticket at any time, or request closure once your request has been satisfactorily answered or addressed by our team. Once a support request has been fully closed, you will have the opportunity to provide us feedback on your experience.

You can use the Manage Your DevConnect Support Tickets link to view and update existing tickets, or access all tickets associated to your company membership through the Account Dashboard.

Notifications on support request updates will include a link that will bring you in to the DevConnect portal and allow you direct access to the request.

Alternately, you can use the Manage Your DevConnect Support Tickets link (from the DevConnect Support mega-menu) or the Account Dashboard link (from the upper black menu bar) to view and update your existing tickets, or access all tickets associated to your company membership.

You also have the ability to reply to the email notification, providing comments within the demarcation area as outlined in the notification, which will automatically append a new comment from you to the support request and notify the DevConnect team of an update.

Base Level Registered Members are provided Tier 1 and 2 Technical Support only on those interfaces identified by Avaya as "Promoted". Tier 3 and 4 Technical support may be made available on a time-and-materials basis (prepaid, based on Avaya estimates), or by upgrading to an enhanced membership level that includes a block of technical support hours.

Enhanced-level members are provided Tier 1 to 4 Technical Support based on the specific approved solutions registered with the DevConnect program, as well as those interfaces identified as "Promoted" by DevConnect.

Refer to the DevConnect portal for a list of Interfaces Available for DevConnect Compliance Testing and Technical Support.

All members may receive Membership & Program Support, as well as Remote Lab and Procured System Support. However, the types of remote labs or procured systems available may vary by membership level, and certain procurement requests may provide for or otherwise limit support hours as part of the procurement offer scope. Avaya reserves the right to charge support hours for procurement system and remote lab support that exceeds what is reasonable and customary to install and configure procured systems or remote labs.

For enhanced level members, when a Technical Support Request is initially submitted, one (1) hour of support time is reserved from the company entitlements. This one hour remains reserved for the entire life of the support request, until it is fully closed by Avaya. This provides Avaya will a 1-hour "buffer" to cover future work against this support request.

As the request is processed, actual time spent by DevConnect Technical Support engineers may be charged against the available support hours for the company. The minimum chargeable increment is fifteen (15) minutes.

If the root cause of an issue is determined to result from an Avaya product defect, no technical support time will be charged (or, rather, any time already charged will be credited back to the member).

If the total time used across all tickets active within a membership period plus the number of hours reserved for open tickets exceeds the total support hours purchased by the member for that same membership period, the member will be unable to open new support tickets. In order to address this issue, the member should review and close an support requests in Customer Pending status; request closure of other tickets in Close Pending or other statuses that may be holding one hour in reserve; or purchase additional support hours.

Registered level members do not have any support hours associated with their membership, and subsequently are limited to Tier 1 & 2 support on a specific set of Avaya platforms and APIs. To obtain Tier 3 & 4 support, or support for other Avaya platforms and interfaces not currently available to Registered level members, it is recommended that the member upgrade to a Support-enabled membership level, if not a higher Technology Partner one.

Enhanced level members, including Support-enabled, Test-enabled and Technology Partner, are allocated a certain number of support hours as part of their membership benefits. If additional support hours need to be purchased, please contact your DevConnect Business Development Manager (BDM) to arrange this.

Support hours are currently sold in a "block" of ten (10) hours, which must be used as part of the current membership year. Un-used support hours do not automatically "roll forward" to future membership periods.