DevConnect Marketing Benefits

Select Product Program

The Select Product Program (SPP) is a sales enablement program that simplifies the process for Avaya customers and Avaya Edge channel partners to order strategically-selected third-party solutions.

Select Products can be purchased through the SPP using established Avaya order processes and Avaya material codes. This by-invitation-only relationship eliminates the necessity for a customer/channel to negotiate unique agreements with each Partner and clearly defines the roles of both Avaya and its Partners.

Select Products can either be supported by Avaya or directly by the DevConnect Technology Partner.  The contract will determine which support model is used.

Avaya Supported Select Products

  • Avaya resells third-party products and services
  • Avaya may provide a single point of contact
  • Third-party EULA and warranty may apply
  • Avaya's MSA with customer / channel partner governs the order
    • No need for special SPP Terms and Conditions
    • Back-to-back SoW, if required

Benefits of Participation

Companies participating in the Select Product Program are afforded increased visibility with Avaya customers, sales and channels through a variety of direct and indirect benefits, which may include:

  • Inclusion of offers in Avaya's product catalog under specific part codes
  • Visibility of available offers within the internal Avaya Sales Portal, providing Avaya sales and channel partners with additional information regarding your offers
  • Priority and early access to designated Avaya-led event sponsorship opportunities
  • Designation in the DevConnect Partner Gallery as a Select Product to indicate the inclusion of a specific solution within the SPP program
  • Priority consideration for Avaya sales and technical speaking opportunities

Program Availability

The SPP is available globally. However, some solutions will have limited geographic availability, which will be specififed by the contract. 

Criteria for Selection

Selection of products to be included in the program is based on:

  1. Successful completion of formal DevConnect compliance testing,
  2. Strategic alignment and sponsorship by an Avaya product management team, and
  3. Proven market demand based on sales opportunities identified by Avaya sales and channel partners.

If your organization is a DevConnect Technology Partner in good standing and meets these criteria, please let your DevConnect Partner Development Manager (PDM) know of your interest. As this is a by-invitation program, Avaya makes careful and controlled decisions regarding partner inclusion and solution rollout to best ensure a successful program.