DevConnect Social Media

Engage Customers Through Social Media Channels

Use social media channels, like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, to quickly and easily connect with current and potential customers. Social Media tools provide remarkable reach into communities of common interest. The Avaya DevConnect program leverages social media to promote and expand visibility of our Technology Partners and their tested Avaya Compliant solutions to Avaya customers, channels, system integrators and internal Avaya sales teams.

DevConnect Social Media Channels

We source much of our content from the DevConnect Partner Gallery, and promote member press releases, articles and other social media that may be of interest to our developer community. Many of our posts tag @avaya, delivering our messages to an even larger audience. You can help us spread the word by following DevConnect on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Don't forget to share and retweet DevConnect content on your company's social media channels, and tag @devconnect in your social media posts.