Non-DevConnect Support Resources


While we strive to provide our members with the best support services for the development of innovative, interoperable collaboration and communication applications that leverage the unique capabilities offered by Avaya products, there are always times we can't provide advice and guidance. For those (hopefully rare) times, we suggest you leverage the larger Avaya community of customers, channel partners, technology partners and developers.

Here are some additional resources that you may find useful:

Avaya Client Services

Avaya's Support website should be your first stop, especially for assistance with operational and configuration issues. Not only does Avaya support have an extensive seachable knowledgebase for you to tap into, the Avaya Support Forums offer extensive access to the Avaya community for help and assistance.

Visit Avaya Support at

International Avaya Users Group (IAUG)

The International Avaya Users Group (IAUG) is an independent organization composed of Avaya customers, channel partners, and technology companies that share knowledge and information regarding the deployment, operations and use of Avaya products. Local IAUG chapters and regional conferences, as well as IAUG's annual conference, offer a wealth of knowledge on operational and development-oriented topics, generally led by Avaya users themselves. DevConnect Technology Partners are encouraged to become IAUG Star Partners for increased visibility through the programs run directly by IAUG.

IAUG also offers the Avaya Users forum boards, an active community of Avaya customers sharing knowledge and information.

Visit IAUG at

Avaya Professional Services

Should you need support in the architecture, design, development, and implementation of large-scale, complex collaboration and contact center solutions for in-house deployment, consider engaging Avaya Professional Services. Offering a full suite of capabilities, from program management to application design, overall architecture to staging and rollout services, Avaya Professional Services can greatly enhance the value you receive from your Avaya investments. To engage Avaya Professional Services, please contact your Avaya account team or authorized Avaya Connect channel partner.

Social Media

There are many other resources available through social media sites, including many LinkedIn groups dedicated to Avaya (search for them using the keyword Avaya), as well as Avaya-sponsored pages and groups through Facebook. There is also an active X (formerly Twitter) community, which can be reached through the use of the #Avaya, #AvayaAura and #IPOffice hashtags.