Product Notices


Avaya Product Notices are published on the Avaya Support website and are not normally replicated on the DevConnect portal. However, you can subscribe to the e-Notifications application on to receive email notifications when documents are added or changed on the Avaya Support website. You can choose to receive notifications for specific types of documents, specific types of documents for specific products, or specific product families. Avaya offers to e-notification subscriptions for documents such as:

  • End of Sale and/or Manufacturer Support Notices
  • Product Correction Notices (PCN)
  • Product Support Notices
  • Security Advisories
  • Services Support Notices

How to Set Up the e-Notifications Service

Note: This section is only accessible to registered Avaya customers and business partners with an SSO login.

  • Login to
    1. Go to the Avaya Support site.
    2. If you do not already have an Avaya SSO login ID, select the REGISTER NOW option located just besides the log in Username field on the Avaya Support home page. The 'Sign Up For Your Avaya Support Account' pages will be displayed.
      Note: If you already have an Avaya SSO login ID, skip to set up e-Notifications.
    3. On the Sign Up For Your Avaya Support Account page, select "No Relationship" in the My Relationship with Avaya drop-down.
    4. Complete the rest of the form including your email address, which will also act as your username, and the password you want to use for logging in.
    5. Read and accept the "Terms and Conditions".
    6. Click SUBMIT - a message is displayed confirming your registration.
    7. Select SUPPORT HOME to return to the Avaya Support portal home page.
  • Set up e-Notifications
    1. LOG IN to support portal using your SSO credentials.
    2. Select Set e-Notifications under Alerts & Reports in the menu bar at the right bottom of the page.
    3. This should display the Information Page. Click on User Profile > e-Notification, displayed on left top side menu.
    4. Select the notifications you would like to receive, including general notifications and/or product specific notifications.
    5. Customize selected notifications by selecting specific document categories and/or specific product release information for each product selected.
    6. Check "Show Details" in the Product Notifications box to see the product and document categories you have selected.
    7. You can edit already selected product notifications by clicking one of the document categories under a specific product. Select and/or unselect the box next to the document categories for which you would like to subscribe/unsubscribe and click SUBMIT.
    8. To add new products, click Add More Products in the Product Notification box.
    9. Select the additional product(s) of interest, then select the release number (e.g., 10.1 or "All and Future") and check the box beside each document category for which you would like to receive notifications.
    10. Click SUBMIT - the system will display "Product Added Successfully".
    11. Repeat for each product you are interested in.

Remember, in addition to using the e-Notifications service, you can go to the "Avaya Support website at any time to access Avaya Product Notices without needing to register or log in.