DevConnect Program Overview

About the Program

The Avaya DevConnect Program enables, supports and extends the market reach of application developers and technology companies to offer Avaya customers end-to-end solutions that address their business challenges. Thousands of companies from around the world are program members, including hardware and software developers, system integrators, telecommunications service providers and Avaya customers. These companies and individuals offer products and solutions that complement and extend the value of Avaya investments, creating a diverse range of solution capabilities for our customers.

Development Framework

Developers of enhanced application solutions, regardless of platform or integration, share common needs for the tools that will allow them to take full advantage of today's market opportunities. The Avaya DevConnect Program provides a framework for solution vendors to engage with Avaya, and Avaya with them, enabling these companies to access an expanding range of interfaces, information, and technical support services.

Scope of the Program

The DevConnect program scope encompasses the entire range of Avaya portfolios, which include but are not limited to the Avaya Aura and Avaya IP Office platforms, Avaya Oceana solution, Avaya Breeze platform, Avaya Client SDK, Avaya OneCloud UCaaS and Avaya Vantage clients and endpoints in addition to Avaya contact center, self-service, video, and speech analytics solutions.

Goal of the Program

The primary goal of the program is to promote and support the creation and marketing of a new generation of innovative communication solutions by blending the complementary products, services and technologies from solution innovators and industry leaders around the globe.

Types of Members

DevConnect supports the following types of developers:

  • Independent Software/Hardware Vendors – Companies or individuals whose product(s) use Avaya open interfaces and/or open industry standards to integrate with Avaya products and create unique solutions that meet customers' needs.
  • System Integrators – Companies that co-deliver engagements with Avaya Global Services and/or provide services directly to customers or Avaya Connect channel partners.
  • Service Providers – Telecommunications companies that offer wide-area network services to business and government customers using Avaya SIP-based solutions. These solutions generally involve the use of SIP trunking as an access method to PSTN services.
  • IT Organizations – Avaya customers developing custom/in-house applications that enhance applications and features on the Avaya portfolio of platforms and solutions.