Contact Center Multimedia Web Communications Web Services

Latest Release: 7.1.2 (September 2021)



Avaya Aura Contact Center CCMM Web Communications Toolkit (JSP edition and PHP edition) are legacy CCMM web interfaces and should not be used for new application development. All new development should focus on utilizing Enterprise Web Chat.

CCMM Web Communications Toolkit is available via the portal for the purpose of maintaining existing applications only. DevConnect does not provide support and restricts access to compliance testing to CCMM Web Communications Toolkit solutions that have previously been tested.

The Web Communications Web services provide an open interface to the Avaya Aura Contact Center or Avaya Contact Center Select Multimedia (CCMM) database. The Web service architecture provides a platform independent interface that can be accessed from Microsoft .NET and Java applications. The interface allows integration of customer Web sites and third-party applications with the CCMM system.

The Web Communications services provide a range of methods that allow client applications to:

  • Create new customers
  • Log in, and subsequently log out, customers and administrators
  • Create customer contacts
  • Update customer details
  • Read customer details
  • Read customers' contact histories
  • Read details of individual contacts
  • Create and maintain a Web Communications chat session

The methods used to access this functionality are provided by the following Web services:

  • CI Action Web Service
  • CI Address Web Service
  • CI Contact Web Service
  • CI Customer Web Service
  • CI CustomField Web Service
  • CI EmailAddress Web Service
  • CI PhoneNumber Web Service
  • CI Skillset Web Service
  • CI Utility Web Service
  • CI WebComms Web Service

Separate PHP- and JSP-based editions of the reference implementation SDK are available for download from the DevConnect portal for Avaya Aura Contact Center and Avaya Contact Center Select.