Avaya Aura Contact Center Educational Resources

Latest Release: 7.1.2 (September 2021)

Online Training Course

Note: This online training course uses Flash, which is no longer supported starting December 2020. The ability to render these training videos may differ depending upon the browser you use. If the videos do not play as expected, please make sure to enable Flash in your browser, or try using a different browser.

Take this online, Web-based training course to attain an in-depth knowledge of how to develop contact center solutions using the capabilities afforded by the Avaya Aura Contact Center (AACC) interfaces. The course is based around fully-worked, real-life use cases, supplemented with sample code in a variety of programming languages, detailed descriptions of the interfaces themselves, the underlying technologies used, interface capabilities, consideration of business value, examples, exercises and quizzes.

Each part of the course covers a key topic, interface, SDK or use case. To access the course materials, your desktop machine must support audio and your browser must have the Flash plug-in required to play SWF files.

The course is available on demand and is free of charge. Click on the links below to open and start each part of the course in a separate browser window or tab.

Note: The code samples referenced in the training course are provided in a PDF download at the bottom of this page.

Avaya Aura Contact Center Online Training Course

Introductory And General Topics

1. Avaya Aura Contact Center Concepts (11 minutes)
2. Overview of Third-party Interfaces (7 minutes)
3. Authentication and Transport Layer Security (19 minutes)

Contact Center Manager Server (CCMS) Interfaces

4. Real Time Statistical Data Alternatives (28 minutes)
5. Use Case - Monitor Real Time Statistical Data with RTD API (24 minutes)
6. CCMS Open Queue Web Services (20 minutes)
7. CCMS Open Queue SDK (12 minutes)
8. CCMS Open Networking Web Service (17 minutes)
9. CCMS Transfer to Landing Pad Use Case (18 minutes)
10. CCMS Host Data Exchange (38 minutes)

Communication Control Toolkit (CCT) Interfaces

11. Communication Control Toolkit Open Interface SDK (29 minutes)
12. Communication Control Toolkit Open Interface Event Handling (46 minutes)
13. Exploring the Communication Control Toolkit Open Interfaces (24 minutes)
14. Communication Control Toolkit .NET SDK (37 minutes)
15. CCT Hot Desking (20 minutes)
16. Use Case - Communication Control Toolkit Reference Clients (25 minutes)

Contact Center Manager Administration (CCMA) Interfaces

17. CCMA Open Interface Web Services (15 minutes)
18. CCMA Agent Provisioning Use Case (12 minutes)

Contact Center Multimedia (CCMM) Interfaces

19. CCMM Agent Web Services (13 minutes)
20. CCMM Agent Web Services Use Case (12 minutes)
21. CCMM Web Communications SDK (28 minutes)
22. CCMM Outbound SDK (12 minutes)

SIP Call Recording

23. SIP Call Recording Interface (16 minutes)


24. Summary and Next Steps (11 minutes)

Sample Code Download