Add Contact to Outbound Campaign (Outlook 2007 Add-in)

Latest Release: 7.1.2 (September 2021)

About the Sample Application

The Add Contact to Outbound Campaign sample application uses the Contact Center Multimedia (CCMM) Outbound Open Interface to communicate with a CCMM server. The Open Interface allows SOAP-over-HTTP based communications between third-party applications and CCMM.

The application is a Microsoft (MS) Office Outlook 2007 COM add-in which is graphically presented as a "Contact Center" menu on the upper menu strip of the MS Outlook application and several standard GUI windows. The add-in allows submitting a customized Outlook MAPI contact to selected CCMM outbound campaigns. Contact customization may include changing any of the contact properties, attaching additional pieces of information to the contact as custom data that is eventually shown to the agent handling the contact. Once submitted to an outbound campaign the contact will be processed by agents in the skillset mapped to this campaign. The contact information is permanently stored to the CCMM database.

The add-in presents the user with a list of available campaigns with their details, provides an easy means of selecting MS Outlook contact information, customizing it and attaching additional fields to submit. It is also possible to browse contacts in a campaign. It is also possible to port campaigns or contacts table views into MS Excel for any further processing.

Target Avaya Platforms

  • Avaya NES Contact Center Multimedia Release 7.0 or higher.